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Cat Photography with Alfredo & Eliza!

Cat Photography with Alfredo & Eliza!

Every year hundreds of generous people make bequests to the RSPCA, helping them continue their great work. This year we were asked to help with cat photography of Alfredo and Eliza, and of course we...

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Meeka The Gordon Setter Has Gorgeous Pet Photo Shoot

Meeka The Gordon Setter Has Gorgeous Pet Photo Shoot

A lot of people ask us if they can be in the photos with their pets? We encourage the whole household to join in! We aim to capture the bond between people and their animals. Since you are a huge part of your pet’s life, capturing you having fun together or cuddling is very meaningful.

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The Studio Noah Team

Taryn Giles

Taryn Giles

Production Guru

Brenda McAuliffe

Brenda McAuliffe

Owner/ Head Photographer

Sarah H

Sarah H

Office & Bookings Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

For most of us, having our photo taken isn’t something we do every day. While many of us have a phone filled with photos of our pets, having professional photography of our furry best friend is a bit different.

We’ve compiled a lists of our most commonly asked questions.

Can’t see the answer to your questions? Send us an email or give us a call so you can get the most out of your pet photography shoot.

Can I be part of the photo shoot with my pets?

Yes of course! We aim to capture the bond between people and their animals. You are a huge part of your pets life and capturing you having fun together or cuddling is very meaningful. If you choose not to be in the photos, we may still ask you to assist, even if it’s just incorporating your hands to embrace him/her.

Can I have more than one animal in the shoot?

OF COURSE! It’s important for us to be aware of the number of animals before we arrive for the shoot. Extra time may need to be allocated for shoots with more than 3 animals, or a variety of different animals. This just makes sure we capture beautiful images of all of them.

Should my pet/s be groomed for the shoot?

It’s a personal choice whether or not you want to get your pet groomed before the shoot. If you decide to have your pet groomed, a very small trim and a blow dry is often better than the full cut- you want them to look natural.

DOGS- Be careful with the grooming just before a session (especially with a new groomer)- often mid way through their growth cycle looks best. If you decide to get your grooming done and you haven’t had it done before, let your groomer know that how long you like their hair and that they will be having a photo shoot so need to look as normal as possible.

Does Studio Noah photograph in the studio?

No. Studio Noah comes out to an outdoor location of your choice or can come to your home.

What locations does Studio Noah recommend?

We photograph mainly at peoples homes, local parks and beaches, depending on what type of pets you have. The location is mostly about where you and your pets like to spend time. Cats will be most comfortable and co-operative at home.

Active dogs may be better at a location they can run around freely like a park or if they are water lovers then a beach, whereas smoochy dogs are quite happy to lounge around on the sofa. Some dogs require a fenced in location as they are not great off lead. Please discuss this with us, we may know a location that can provide this, or will suggest a home shoot. Horses are great in their paddock and also at a beach if they like water.

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