I love rocking up to a pet photoshoot and not knowing what I’m going to find. The challenge of working with a variety of pets, people, locations, lighting and personalities, brings out the best in me, in fact it helps me co-create some truly beautiful pet photography.

Cats often require a different approach with pet photography. So when I arrived to meet Chester and Nitro, two cheeky bengal cats, I was prepared for a bit of chill out time, to let the cats get used to me being in their space. But Chester had different ideas. He was almost on top of me as soon as I was inside. It took a bit longer to gain Nitro’s trust. But before long they were strutting their stuff, begging for attention and food, and being the crazy cats they are known for.

Chester has recently had some health concerns, which prompted this photoshoot. Though his prognosis isn’t great, Perth Cat Hospital has been instrumental in maintaining Chester’s quality of life. Chester and Nitro happen to be some of Martine’s (from the Perth Cat Hospital) favourite cats, and it’s no wonder why.


Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Chester & Nitro?

We love the glitter in their fur. We love the way they’re supposed to be crazy Bengals but really they are just big softies. Especially their gentleness with our son. We love how they want to get involved in everything, love how they seem to think they’re people. We love their loving nature and loud meows! They talk to us when they want something

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion have the best pets ever! 😉  What makes yours so special?

Chester and Nitro are expert bug & fly hunters/ exterminators. They can jump high in the air and forget these they are elderly when chasing a ball or feathered toys. They have an uncanny ability to know when you’re just about to stand up- they will come and sit on your lap to prevent you doing so, unless food is on offer!

Tell us something about Chester & Nitro that will make us laugh?

They will steal food from you if you’re not looking! Nitro can open cupboard doors with his front paws. Nitro comes under the bed covers on cold mornings and co-sleeps with us (he likes to be spooned). Chester likes to have running races/ play tag with us!

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