Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

For most of us, having our photo taken isn’t something we do every day. While many of us have a phone filled with photos of our pets, having professional photography by Studio Noah of our furry best friend is a bit different.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

Can’t see the answer to your questions? Send us an email or give us a call so you can get the most out of your pet photography shoot.

About Studio Noah

Why should I choose Studio Noah?

Studio Noah captures the soul behind the face, every time. Uniquely reflecting the essence of your pets and the connection you share. We achieve this by creating a customised experience on location for you and your pet, without the confines of a studio setting. Instead of trying to pose and control, we allow your pets to express themselves freely. Our flexibility and patience get the best out of even the most difficult pet and camera-shy people.

We were the first exclusive pet photographer in Australia and also have extensive experience photographing people. If you are camera shy, and don’t normally like having your photo taken, you can relax knowing you are in safe hands. Our clients often remark how the photos are the best they have seen of themselves in years.

Where is Studio Noah based?

Studio Noah is based in Perth, Western Australia, about 10 minutes from Fremantle.

When is Studio Noah open?

We are open 10am-5pm weekdays, however we run sessions outside of these hours.

The Photo Session

What days & times are Studio Noah sessions available?

We are available for photo sessions Mon-Sat mornings. Your session may start as early as sunrise through to late morning. Late afternoon sessions are also available weekdays. Available times are dependent on time of year, lighting, the location, and the type of pets you have.

How far in advance do I need to book my session?

We recommend booking your session at least 2-4 weeks in advance if possible. This is especially important if you are after one of our popular Saturday appointments, which can book out up to 8 weeks in advance in busy periods.

How long does each session go for?

Photography sessions average 1 hour in length. We allow additional time with shy/anxious pets, more than 3 animals, or big family groups.

Does Studio Noah photograph in the studio?

No. It’s the everyday moments we miss the most when we have to say goodbye to our pets.  That’s why it’s important to choose a meaningful location where you and your pets spend time together. Studio Noah comes to your home or an outdoor location of your choice. This also ensures your pet/s are somewhere they are relaxed and comfortable, without new distractions, allowing us to capture to their authentic selves.

What locations does Studio Noah suggest?

We recommend choosing a location where you and your pet/s enjoy spending time. We photograph at homes, local parks, rivers and beaches, depending on what type of pets you have. 

Cats & pocket pets are normally most comfortable and co-operative at home. Active dogs may be better at a location they can run around freely like a park, or beach if they are water lovers, whereas smoochy dogs are quite happy to lounge around on the sofa. If your dog has recall issues and needs to stay on a lead, we can still get incredible photos. Alternatively, we can suggest a fenced in dog park. Horses are great in their paddock and also at a beach if they like water.

If you would like some inspiration on where to have you session please check out our locations gallery.

I live outside the Perth region, will you still travel to me?

Of course! A 70km travel radius of the CBD is included with all our photo session. If you live outside of this please ask for a quote on travel & minimum spend.

What if my house isn’t beautiful or if it’s small/untidy?

As you can see from our gallery, most backgrounds are not prominent in our photography and are soft focus. The most important thing is the comfort of your pets.

Although it’s not necessary to have a spotless home, a general tidy-up is recommended. We often either work outside the backyard or use one room with natural lighting so we will normally open blinds/curtains once we arrive. It’s ideal to choose a room your pet/s spend time in, which is also full of natural light at the allocated time of day, to focus your de-cluttering efforts.

Should I mow the grass in preparation?

We actually prefer longer grass (within reason of course), as it adds texture for more interesting photographs. Please pick up any dog doodoo in the yard so it makes the session more comfortable for you and your fur family.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?

We often get the best shots on overcast or rainy days due to the soft light. Even when stormy weather is predicted, we can have windows of beautiful weather and light. In cases of unrelenting rain, the photographers will call you just before the shoot to discuss options of either changing the location or rescheduling the shoot.
We may also decide on extremely hot days postponing would be best to prevent overheating. In these instances we will contact you the day before your session to discuss a new date, or possibly changing the location.

I am worried my pet will be too difficult, how do you get them to co-operate?

Working with different animals daily for many years has given Brenda an innate understanding of their behaviours and body language, and her skills go far beyond just being great behind a camera. Her gentleness, patience & obvious love of animals quickly create a very calm & relaxed environment, gaining your pets trust & confidence. Whatever your concerns regarding your pet/s are, we are so confident we will get some amazing images you will love that we offer a full money back guarantee on the session fee.

Commonly we hear are that they may be too energetic, won’t sit still (surprise, they don’t have to!), aren’t well trained, shy, anxious, nervous around new people or other animals, reactive around new people or other animals, camera shy, or aloof. We have tried & tested methods to work through quirks big & small. Simply let us know when booking so we can discuss all the details and tailor our approach to your individual needs.

Animals are very intuitive and can sense how you are feeling. Keep calm, trust that the shoot will go well, and breathe. We have been photographing pets since 2003, and in that time we have only had two instances when we had to organise a reshoot.

My dog can’t be off lead but our home isn’t suitable for the session, what do you suggest?

This is something we hear more commonly than you might expect! If you feel your pet would be most comfortable in a familiar park we can leave them on lead, and photoshop it out of your images. If you’re choosing this option note we can not photoshop out a harness, so your dog will need to be comfortable with just a collar. We can also recommend a variety of enclosed dog parks if you’d like to give your pup the freedom to run around. Alternatively, for reactive or fearful dogs, Morley Vet, Swan Valley Vet, Ashridge Kennels (Banjup) & Wookie Dogs Day Care (Henley Brook) have private spaces which can be rented for the hour at a small fee.

The Participants

Can I have more than one animal present at the session?

OF COURSE! It is just important for us to be aware of the number of animals before we arrive for the shoot. Extra time may need to be allocated for shoots with more than 3 animals, or a variety of different animals. This ensures we have enough time to capture beautiful images of all of them.

Am I able to be part of photo session with my pets?

Absolutely, we encourage the whole household to join! We aim to capture the bond between people and their animals. You are a huge part of your pet’s life and capturing you having fun together or cuddling is very meaningful. Our photographers first started working with humans, so they know how to get every ones best angle in the process. If you choose not to be in the photos, we may still ask you to assist, even if it’s just incorporating your hands to embrace him/her.


Do you do family photos?

Yes, we do! We specialised in people photography prior to pets, so we know how to get the best out of everyone. What a perfect opportunity to capture the family united in furbaby love.

Can you work with stubborn/camera shy children or partners?

We are known as miracle workers 😉 Please let us know prior to the session what type of difficulties you are expecting so we can adjust our plan if we need to. The most important thing is to ensure your family is present during the session, and we will do the rest.

Are we able to have extended family/friends present?

Multigenerational sessions are very common for us, as are sessions with a family pet even though some family members may no longer live at home with them. There is no rule as to how many people are able to attend the shoot, providing they all have a close relationship with your pet/s. However keep in mind that if your pets are not used to having many people around, it could be distracting or add to their anxiety. We do ask that you let us know in advance as to who will be involved with the shoot. More time may need to be allocated to big shoots.

Should my pet/s be groomed for the session?

It’s a personal choice whether or not you want to get your pet groomed before the shoot. If you decide to have your pet groomed, a very small trim and a blow dry is often better than the full cut as you want them to look natural.

DOGS – Be careful with the grooming just before a session (especially with a new groomer), often mid way through their growth cycle looks best. If you decide to get your dog groomed, let your groomer know that how long you like their hair and that they will be having a photo shoot so need to look as normal as possible.

What should I bring along to the session?

If the session is not at your house it is a good idea to bring their toys/balls/ropes and anything they love playing with. It is also a good idea to bring some water, a water bowl and a lead.

Please note if your pet needs to have their lead remain on at all times, it is preferable to have the lead attached to a collar rather than a harness to make it possible to photoshop the lead out.

What should I wear for the session?

We suggest something simple and plain, without patterns, stripes or large logos but still reminiscent of who you are. It’s important you feel comfortable in your outfit. Try to wear complimentary and slightly contrasting colours. Avoid wearing black if your pet is black. As for pet clothing, most pets prefer not to wear anything but if your babies are different please have their wardrobe ready.

Taking Home Your Favourite Images

How long after the session can I view and order my images?

Typically we can have your images available within a few days of your session, assuming we have calendar space for a viewing session. If you’re keen to see you images ASAP we recommend booking your viewing session at the same time as your photo session.

What products does Studio Noah offer?

Studio Noah offers an extensive range of products in varying sizes to suit your space, style and budget. You can view our full range via our products page, or speak to us if you’re interested in a custom piece.

How much should I expect to invest in my images?

Your total investment will depend on how many images you fall in love with, as well their sizing & finish. Typically, we find our clients spend between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. Please see our product list for a full pricing guide.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do. You can split your payment 50/50 on ordering & collection, or organise a take home & lay-by style payment plan. The plans instalments are interest free, & tailored to suit your circumstances.

How long after placing my order can I expect my photos?

Our turn around time is 2-5 weeks from placing your order, depending on the products ordered.

Do you post my order or will I need to collect it?

Collecting your order is the safest and recommended option. However if this is not possible we are happy to quote and arrange postage.

Do I get a USB of all the digital images from my photo session?

A USB of all the images from your session is not included. However, we understand many people prefer the versatility of a digital media, which is why we offer digital options for purchase. Please view our full product list for details.
Any images you purchase, whether in print or digital format, will also include a low-res digital file for your personal/online use.


What happens to the photos from my session that I don’t order?

After your session Studio Noah will generally keep your images for a minimum of 12 months. After this time your session may be added to our deletion schedule. Before this happens, we will give you the opportunity to purchase any additional images you didn’t originally order, providing your contact details are current.




How long does a videography session go for you?

Videography sessions run for 2 hours, plus a prior 30-minute consult.

What’s included in a videography package?

Your two hour videography session comes with a 30 minute pre-consult were we will discuss your pets, what types of things they get up to, if there are any behavioural characteristics which you would love to capture on film, or if they have any issues we need to know about. We have a few different locations that you can choose from, depending on where you live and enjoy spending time together, including your home if you have cats.

Once we have filmed all the footage, our video producer will put together your film into a beautiful movie memory of everything special about your beloved fur babies for you to treasure forever. These videos generally run between 2-5 minutes.

What time of day does Studio Noah recommend for a videography session?

Early morning or dusk light can be absolutely beautiful, which adds to the cinematic quality of your video. These are our favourite time of the day for shooting videos. If this does not suit your schedule we will discuss other options during your consult that best suit your chosen location.

Will I be part of video session with my pets?

Yes, we normally include your whole family, depending on what and who is important to you. You are part of your pet’s story, so therefore including your connection is important to capture your pet’s essence. We have years of experience getting the best not only of pets but their camera shy people too. Speak to us if you have any concerns about this.

What should I wear for the shoot?

As video captures a lot of detail and movement, styling is important to get the best results. We suggest light, neutral tones in clothing (no strong, bright colours) and avoiding stripes, spots or logos. We also suggest long sleeves, and possibly long pants/skirt too. If you are not sure what to wear we would be happy to look over your choices or recommend a clothing store who can help you find the perfect outfit. 

Do you have recommendations for hair & makeup?

We are aiming to capture natural footage, but looking your best is important. We all feel amazing with a good hair do, and while you are being filmed you want to feel gorgeous. Makeup all comes down to how you present yourself normally. If you hardly wear any makeup, then we suggest very natural makeup. It’s important to be able to recognise yourself when you see the video, and not be distracted by extreme makeup.

How does a Behind The Scenes Video Package differ to a standard videography package?

Instead of being their own stand alone video session, a Behind The Scenes package is an add on to any of our photography packages. Our videographer will join your family and photographer for your photo session, capturing all fun of the day. We’ll then produce a 1-2 minute movie set to music for you to have on top of any chosen images.


Do I get the raw, unedited footage from my session?

No, the raw footage is not included with our videography packages.



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