A concern we hear often is that photographing a rescue dog is too difficult. There’s a belief they are harder to work with as they may be more fearful or reactive than other pets. However, we’ve worked with many rescue dogs with different reactive tendencies over the years, and it has never gotten in the way of capturing beautiful shots. As anyone who’s worked with rescues would know, they mostly just have a lot of love to give, and there’s little more rewarding than gaining their trust to receive it. So honestly, photographing a rescue dog is one of my favourite parts of the job!

Which was exactly the case when I met perfect little Peppi! Although I had been pre-warned that she might be timid, this sweet little girl was a delight. Peppi was a little wary of the camera initially, but as soon as things started moving she settled into enjoying the pet photography session and was a fantastic little model. Take her adorable little head tilt for instance, that sweet demeanour of hers absolutely melted my heart.

Peppi’s session was an extra special shoot, as it was organised in surprise for her Mum’s 80th birthday. Hear what Rachael, Peppi’s human sibling & session organiser, had to say about it below.

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Peppi?

Peppi is a rescue dog who unfortunately had a difficult start in life. She has a fragility about her that my parents have been able to ease by giving her plenty of love. Now, in this safe environment she is starting to relax and enjoy life. Peppi is their first rescue dog and it has been a tremendously rewarding process, one that other pet rescuers will no doubt understand 🙂 Her sweet vulnerability has made the bond between my Mum and Peppi very strong.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion Peppi is the best ever!
What makes her so special?

Peppi LOVES cuddles and is very affectionate. She is always springing up onto a lap or burrowing down under blankets to Mum’s feet on a cold winter’s morning.

Tell us something about your Peppi that will make us laugh?

Peppi is extremely bird obsessed!! She spent over half an hour swimming after a duck in the river in Bridgetown on a holiday down south once. Of course the duck just flew off when she got close. She is particularly interested in magpies too, but any bird is generally very exciting… When she’s not chasing big dogs herself!!

Why is having beautiful imagery of your Peppi important to you?

Our Studio Noah photos are beautifully produced and are beautiful pictures to enjoy every day and into the future. They were a present for Mum who has a very special bond with Peppi. Mum and Dad enjoy looking at them every day and being reminded of the gorgeous little dog they have rescued and now love and care for. Peppi is such a big and happy part of their lives.

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