If you’ve met an Italian Greyhound before you’ll know they are big sooks, and Alexia was no exception. See the way she cuddles into her mum <3. The level of trust that our pets give blows me away. As much as my heart melts like butter, it also gives me quite the ego boost. If only I was as perfect a person (or a god) as my dog thinks I am.

It was mostly about Alexia that day, and she really played up for the camera. We took her off to the park to get some action shots, and geez she was fast. Italian Greyhounds are in the top 15 fastest dogs in the world. Her mum was originally quite concerned that Alexia would be too crazy to get some really nice dog photos, but we assured her that we work with all kinds of crazy. Alexia also pulls hilarious faces when she runs. I guess she was just super proud of herself, and playing up for her dog photography shoot. I remember her mum was like, ‘I wish she would pose for me like that.’ It’s not the first time I hear a comment like that. My best guess is that our pets are vain, and want to save their professional poses for a professional pet photographer. Or it could just be my personality ;oP ,she might have also thought I was as perfect a person as my dog thinks I am, but more likely it was my treat pouch.

I really enjoyed seeing how she was with her fur-siblings. Oscar the cat was a bit of a shit stirrer, and though Alexia lost her patience from time to time, she generally showed a lot of patience. Tamara was more like a competitor for attention so she often gave her the silent treatment.



We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes yours so special?

Alexia can be so demanding when she wants something and vocalise her want. She whines and jumps with her front paws to gain your attention, it is so cute.


What is your favourite thing about Alexia?

l love how Alexia is so cuddly and her personality. She also loves playing with Oscar the cat. They chase each another, though sometimes she does not want to play.


Tell us something about your pets that will make us laugh?

Alexia was sat on by Tamara (the Kelpie) and yelped, then came to me and sooked about being sat on, though she was on Tamara’s bed.




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