pet photography

Knowing how much our dog Bello the Bichon means to us, we asked the question,

'are there others out there who are as potty about pets as we are?'

Needless to say - we discovered a lot of potty pet lovers - and now capture this phenomemon with our cameras. Crazy pets, naughty pets, shy pets - Studio Noah Pet Photography in Perth photographs them all.

Studio Noah is based in Perth, Western Australia and specializes in pet photography. Our images capture the special bond between people and their pets. During a one to two hour photo session, Studio Noah's photographers will take hundreds of photos of the pet, with and without the owner. It can take place at home, on the beach or anywhere the pet and owner are relaxed. Studio Noah often visit rural areas around Perth and beyond and travel extensively throughout Western Australia.

The results are engaging photos which, apart from making grown men go gaga, acutely depict an animals personality, and relationship with the world around.

'We take hundreds of pet photographs 'on location' in and around Perth, during a one to two hour photo session. We travel extensively to capture owners and pets where they are most comfortable - at home, the beach, the park or anywhere else you choose. And we love a challenge - from over excitable dogs to camera shy cats, shameless sheep, gorgeous goats, lucky lizards, sneaky snakes and easily distracted horses. Be assured - we love all animals and we have tricks up our sleeves!

A lot of people ask us if we do our pet photography in a studio, or only do the photos on location around Perth. It's always been our motto to ensure every animal we meet enjoys their time with us - as much as possible, and it's been evident, during our 10 years of experience, that studio lights can frighten most animals, so rather than making our furry clients suit us - we fit into them and their lifestyle.

We believe pet photography is best done in an environment where your pet feels comfortable, enabling us to capture their natural behaviour, perhaps the way he looks at you when you throw the ball for him, or the way her eyes go soft when she gets a belly rub. This is usually at home, or at a favourite park or beach- wherever your pets can to be themselves. We aim to capture your pets spirit and love of life as well as how cute they are, rather than just capture an image of their exterior.'

Studio Noah is located at 209 Plain Street, East Perth, Western Australia.

Here at Studio Noah we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary! We have enjoyed every minute of our journey and look forward to many more wagging tails, clicking cameras and happy customers in the future!