After 18 years in pet photography, I figured I had met every challenge there is. Famous last words hahaha! I didn’t really expect a gorgeous little cavoodle to change that.

Mr Bojangles came all the way from the Northern Territory to be photographed by us. His mum chose an enclosed dog park close to where she was staying. He loved it! Mr Bogangles ran with the packs, caught up with the latest news by sniffing trees and bums, and occasionally ran back to snatch a treat from his doting mum. But because of the excitement, he wasn’t that interested in hanging around his mum for any length of time. Which is fine and dandy for action captures, but not so helpful for images of them together. All of this encompassed the types of challenges I work with every day.

But the one thing which really made my work cut out for me was the wind. But we live in Perth, you say, one of the windiest places in the world? The combination of long facial hair, jumping jack energy, and distractions everywhere, made the wind a much bigger issue than it had ever been before. Many times when he did something I wanted to capture, the wind would flair up, causing his fur to cover his eyes. So we decided to leave the enclosed area and walk around a bit, in the hope of finding a quieter spot with less wind. We kept him on the lead while he calmed down (not that you’d know thanks to a bit of photoshop wizardry!), then the magic really started happening. You can see below some of the incredibly cute images we finally captured. With photographs like these I’d say the challenge was well and truly conquered, wouldn’t you?



Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Mr Bojangles?

My favourite thing is when I pick him up and hold him he cuddles me back.



We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pet ever!
What makes yours so special?

I find him to be loving and affectionate, he always likes to be close and cuddly. He can be a little cheeky when he takes my shoes and puts them in his bed.



Tell us something about Mr Bojangles that will make us laugh?

One of his favourite toys to play with is my old bras. He also likes to take the Little Dancers stuff that we teach. He takes their toys that they are dancing with and also likes to take scrunchies out of the girls hair.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pet important to you?

I love the photo’s Studio Noah captured on the day and how cheeky and endearing he can be, it was all in the photos. It really caught his personality.



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