As you may know, I am a bit partial to the Oodle variety – having two myself. Call out to Lottie and Pepper – best dogs ever (present company excepted)! So I was rather excited about meeting Cavoodles Lulu, Missy and Koda. In typical Oodle fashion, they were jumpy, excited and ready to rumble. As soon as we were a safe distance from the carpark they were let off the lead and the ball came out. Lulu, with her speed and tenacity, won the ball almost every time. But wowsers! I almost dropped my camera. When Lulu did her victory lap back with the ball, she leaped over Missy. It was like she was gloating “I’m head and tails better than you!”. And then she did it every time! I was also surprised given their wriggle muffin ways, that they were all quite happy to lay down on command.



For this shoot a big part part of the brief was family photos, although not every hooman was keen on this (I will let you guess who). It’s actually quite common for people to not not like photos of themselves. And it’s understandable. We all want to look good in photos, and why shouldn’t we? If we aren’t confident we will look good, why would we have them done? I have always felt a little anxious in front of the camera myself, so I totally get it. Empathy combined with experience is a powerful combination. Some of my happy clients include people who couldn’t even look at a photo of themselves for 20 years. Nothing melts my heart more than being able to reflect to someone their natural beauty through photography. #Bestjobintheworld!

These pet photos were done at Yokine Reserve, in Yokine. It’s a massive park with plenty of space for oodles to cavoodle 😉 (excuse the pun!?!)



Firstly, what is your favourite thing about your pets?

They are so cuddly, loving and devoted. If one of us hoomans is sick or unhappy they will not leave our sides. Their ability to make us feel better is hard to measure.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes Missy, Lulu & Koda so special? 

Lulu is our princess and is so smart and loving. She has been a therapy pet in Aged Care, as well as a Story Dog for primary school children. At 11 years of age she still loves doing Flyball and Agility and anything to do with a ball.
Missy has so much character in such a small package – we call her waggle butt because her whole body moves when she wags her tail.
Koda is our rescue boy and you can still see the impact his early mistreatment has had on him. That makes it even more rewarding when he places his absolute faith and trust and devotion in us.
They all make our heart burst with love.



Tell us something about your pets that will make us laugh? 

All 3 of our dogs are ball obsessed! Missy has shorter legs and so isn’t as fast as the other 2, however she’s very clever so lets them chase the ball and lays in wait to pounce on them when they come back with it. After a number of shoulder charges from Missy, Lulu has learned to jump over Missy on her way back with the ball. It’s hilarious to watch.
All 3 of them will go crazy if they see an animal on the TV and will jump onto the TV cabinet to defend us from said animal.

Why is having beautiful imagery of Lulu, Missy & Koda important to you?

They are such a big part of our lives and we only get to have them with us for such a short time – we wanted mementos for when our babies cross over the Rainbow Bridge.



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