Poppy is the much loved rescue furchild of Ruth, a local dog trainer here in Perth. Ruth had been incredibly excited for her photo session ever since seeing the results of her friends’ dog Charli, a beautiful keplie we had the pleasure of photographing last year. The shoot was mainly about capturing their special bond and Poppy’s easy going personality. Poppy really overachieved that day, with every cute tilt of the head making my camera thirst for more.

Astro, Poppy’s fur sibling, and his dad came along for the ride too, with the idea of capturing some family photos too. Astro is also a rescue and is distrustful of people and other dogs. We negotiated the challenge by keeping Astro on his lead, and away from the busy spots. To keep him as relaxed as possible, I used my telephoto lens and minimised my interactions with him. He coped really well with the whole thing and by the end of the photo shoot he didn’t seem to mind me at all.

My clients often show surprise at the quality and quantity of images even when there are big challenges in the way. I put it down to remaining flexible and letting the animals tell their own stories by letting them set the pace and content of their pet photo session. Another example of this is when we met fellow rescue dog, Peppi.

Poppy comes from Dog’s Refuge Home in Shenton Park, who do a stellar job finding forever homes.

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Poppy?

The fact that she’s a rescue dog who was found in terrible condition – she was starving and you could see every one of her ribs. She was rescued by the Dogs Refuge Home and since adopting her she’s just had the best life. She’s never had another bad day.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pet ever!
What makes yours so special?

Poppy is the most loyal dog. We have an incredible bond. Since rescuing her she’s never been away from my side. She loves her family so much and always squeals with delight when her dad or the kids come home.

Tell us something about Poppy that will make us laugh?

Her favourite toys are a rooster that sings out cock a doodle do, and a little puppy cuddly toy that is a miniature version of her.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pet important to you?

We’ve never had professional photos taken before so they capture a very special moment in time and we will treasure them forever.

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