To be able to capture the uniqueness of each pet, it’s necessary to focus on one at a time. So that’s what we did. Bella insisted on going first (as a lot of dogs do). She put on a wonderful performance of doggy tricks, love and sookiness, all while flirting non stop with the camera. But when it was time to focus on the cats, she would not have a bar of it. Pawing and barking at me for attention, rolling on her back, pulling out all of her tricks out to hold my gaze. Hehehe! Such are the joys of a pet photographer. Most pets want to be front and centre.

Except for Smudge (the kitty with eye patches), the cats were a little skittish, which wasn’t helped by Bella’s exuberance. But in time Bella calmed down and we were able to capture some really relaxed and cuddly photos. Cat photography is not an exact science, it just takes love, understanding and patience to coax the magic out.

Angel is a pet lover, groomer and also works at a doggy day care. Witnessing the interaction between each furbaby and Angel, it was easy to see the connections were strong. Angel wasn’t sure about being in the photos, not considering herself photogenic. But I reassured her that I have a way of bringing out the best in pets and their people. And besides that, I thought the camera loved her. Angel was referred to us by Pawpals Doggy Day Care and runs her own pet grooming Little Angels Pet Grooming.

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about your pets?

All of my furbabies know when I’m not doing to well mentally and they give me the comfort and love I need at the time. And they are all so different in looks and personality. My furbabies have been with me, and helped me through the worst parts of my life.

We know every furbaby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes yours so special?

Bella tends to be nervous, as she was abused prior to living with me. But she is also extremely affectionate and so damn cute and will nudge you for pats.
Lacey (the grey LHD cat) is extremely cautious around new people (I’ve had her since a kitten, it’s just her thing) but I love it in a way, you know? That’s her and she’ll come out of her hiding place once you have been to the house a handful of times.

Tell us something about your pets that will make us laugh?

Bella will scare herself with her own farts. Smudge (the white & grey cat) is OBSESSED with hair ties. He has been since he was a young kitten. I always have them on my wrist or water bottle. While I was sleeping the other night he woke me up trying to take it off my wrist. Sox does zoomies around the house and will try and run up the wall.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you?

I personally don’t have a biological family and these four fur kids are my family. I’ve since made some good friends I would classify as friend-family since first getting my babies. They make me complete, I really don’t know how life would be without them.

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