What a fun photo shoot! We started by giving Mobi the Rottweiler all the attention, so kitty Kimba could get used to me. We also knew Mobi wouldn’t let up until he got some love, like most rotti’s he was a big softy. He ran around the garden pulling out all the stops, but mostly looking like a goofball. Every time he caught sight of his tail, he was so surprised he almost fell over! Once he recovered from the shock he tried to chase it down again, something he never quite achieved.

Kimba was a typical master of the universe. Demanding nothing happened until the perfect time of his choosing. Contrary to his normal standoffish attitude to strangers, he couldn’t get enough of me. Wanting me to rub his head and pat his soft belly. Patting a cats belly is like playing Russian roulette with your hand. You never know which moment you are going to lose it! Thankfully Kimba generously spared me, and my hand lived to tell another tale!

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Mobi & Kimba?

I love both Mobi and Kimba so much. Very different personalities. Mobi is a smoocher… He just can’t get close enough. He is a very loyal and affectionate dog. I love how he snuggles up beside me in bed. Kimba on the other hand is not that affectionate, although he loves a good scratch. He is just a quiet gentle soul.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever! 
What makes yours so special?

Mobi is special because he is such a good boy. Never chews or destroys anything. He just wants to please us.
Kimba is special because he is a pleasure to have around. He is quiet and unassuming.
They both have huge personality’s, albeit very different.

Tell us something about Mobi & Kimba that will make us laugh?

Mobi once had an argument with himself in the mirror. I had to stand in front of him as neither were going to back down… The angrier he got… the dog in the mirror reacted the same!
Once my son come home from work to find 2 police officers and an old lady at his front door. Asking what was going on… The lady said there is a baby in the house. It’s been crying all afternoon. Screaming. My son said I don’t have a baby but the police officers said they just had to check. Just then Kimba walked past the glass door and let out the loudest scream… Because he is deaf it is 10 times louder and does actually sound like a baby… The lady said “that’s it, that’s the scream!” The police officers and the lady were in shock… Then had a giggle.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you?

So I can look at them every day. It’s also a great memory when they eventually cross the Rainbow Bridge. So sad that our time with them is relatively short. Time is the most precious thing we have in life.

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