Often mistaken for an oodle, Mokha is actually a curly coat retriever, and a very good example of what you might expect from a gun dog. The original brief for her pet photo session was to capture her being active, jumping around on the beach with her ears flying. But Mokha is also a smoocher, food lover, and thrives on attention from her family. So we got plenty of both images, capturing all aspect of her personality. These golden moments show you Mokha’s softer side, proudly featured here and around her family’s home.

It’s common for people to fall in love with photos they weren’t expecting. As much as I aim to capture my clients original brief, I always keep my eyes open for all the spontaneous moments that happen in between. For me, they are often the most precious, heart melting memories. And they are also the ones that end up being most popular with my clients when they see them!

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Mokha the curly coat retriever?

Mokha has very expressive ears which are adorable. When you come home she greets you with her ears opened outwards and back, which we call her, “hello” ears.
She also moves her eyebrows, which are now white, when you talk to her as if she is expressing her opinion and engaging in conversation. Very cute and always makes you smile.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pet ever!
What makes yours so special? 

Mokha is always able to make you laugh. Whether it be the funny way she often sleeps, lying on her back with one leg in the air, to the joyful enthusiasm she greets you with even when you have only been away a short period of time. I love the way she will come to you and place her head on your lap and stare into your eyes, asking you to do something. Maybe a cuddle, a walk or food if it’s dinner time. If you don’t look at her straight away, she does a little wiggle, taps her toenails on the wooden floor and makes a very quiet rumble sound in her throat. It is impossible to ignore so she usually gets what she wants.

The wet snout poking me in the ribs or in my armpit requesting breakfast, although annoying at the time, is also adorable and for Mokha, very effective. I envy Mokha’s ability to live in the moment and greet every day as if it is the best day ever. It does remind me to try and do the same, for which I am grateful. She is the best life coach ever.

Tell us something about Mokha that will make us laugh? 

A few years ago Caitlin was walking Mokha along the river near the yacht club. Mokha managed to slip out of her collar, ran into the yacht club where a wedding reception was in progress and jumped up onto the bride who was wearing a beautiful white dress. Needless to say, the bride was shocked,  and the dress was not quite so white. Mokha then gleefully raced out the door and headed home with Caitlin sprinting behind.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you? 

Mokha plays such an important part in every family members life. Each individual has their own special relationship with her. She also brings us altogether. When we share Mokha stories she always causes a smile to appear on even the most solemn face. As such an important, furry family member she needs to be recognised with beautiful imagery, so that she can be worshipped and acknowledged multiple times a day as you walk past. She would expect nothing less…


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