Backyard Photography

The Aussie backyard is iconic, complete with lemon tree and green grass. It also happens that a backyard session is a great location choice for your pets and family. Firstly, being in their own space keeps your fur babies comfortable and candid. Cause let be honest with ourselves, our pets own the backyard. Secondly, it keeps them contained. An ideal solution for pets who are reactive to other dogs, easily distracted, or simply can’t be trusted off a lead (we’ve all been there!).

In this example, Leo, Shandy and Storm all loved each other, but they aren’t keen on other dogs. Shandy and Storm were also full of energy, and excited the whole family was together. Adding me in to the mix with a pocket of yummy snacks easily made it the best day of the year. On the other hand, Leo was able to meander about, sniffing and snuffling, which made for some beautiful natural photographs.

But the benefits of a backyard photo session didn’t stop there. Most importantly it made sure every member of the family could attend, a priority for Jo, the Mum and organiser of the group. On the day Loren, her daughter, wasn’t feeling the best. As a result of being at home she was able to rest for most of the session, and only came out for her photos. Plus a laugh or two at my crazy noises 😉 On the other hand, in typical husband fashion, Brad wasn’t intending on being in any photos (a problem we encounter & solve regularly, but we’ll save that for it’s own blog post!). Luckily I snagged a few with him in the family photo, which everyone was very grateful for.

The loveable bunch of pets and their people made it a fun photo session.

How to prepare for you own Backyard Photography Session?

Don’t be worried if your backyard is a bit unkept. To hide any backyard mess we throw the background out of focus using wide open apertures, creating a soft backdrop that pulls the focus on you and your loved ones. You don’t even need to freshly mow your lawn. A little length adds softness, texture and foreground. Just make sure you can see your pets over the grass, and any doggy doo-doo has been tidied up.

For more more tips on how to prepare for your photo session be sure to check out of FAQ’s.


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