Tibetan Terriers aren’t a particularly well know breed, but as you can see they are absolute cuties! They almost look like teddy bears. This was our second time photographing Boondi and Buttercup, but the first time we met Nanook. Nanook is often mistaken for being a panda, and it’s easy to see why. His markings are so prominent that he often stops traffic so people can ask about him.

Our brief was to get nice photo of all three dogs together. The biggest challenge with this brief was keeping myself from photographing everything like a normal pet photo shoot as I over shoot at the best of times (do you know how hard it is to narrow down our favourite shots for things like our gallery!? Hahaha). So on this day, even with a tight brief, I couldn’t help myself. Needless to say though, we nailed the group shot! Who wouldn’t love 3 cuddly Tibetan Terriers all in a row!

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Boondi, Nanook & Buttercup?

We are very pleased they allow us to live in their home and even sit on the couch with them.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes yours so special?

They are all very cuddly. Boondi loves a tummy scratch, Buttercup loves a couch cuddle (only when she wants one), and Nanook loves snuggles in bed in the morning.

Tell us something about Boondi, Nanook & Buttercup that will make us laugh?

Most people ask why we bother having a door bell.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you?

So we always have a momento of our too short time with them all.

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