When I first rocked up, Jasper the striking Russian Blue greeted me at the door and demanded an immediate smooch. His sister Lina gave me an indignant, ‘What are you doing here’ look before strutting her fluff butt down the corridor, an uncommon greeting compared to most Ragdoll’s I meet! So I indulged Jasper. Petting him while he posed, rolled, and stole my heart. He was quite the friendly gentleman. I took my time with him, so that Lina could get used to me being in her space without having a direct interaction. After a while, she came out to investigate what was happening, but kept her distance. Meanwhile, I continued to focus on Jasper, whilst having a lovely cuppa and yarn with his hooman.

It’s this deliberate, relaxed manner that eventually wins out the most stubborn and shy kitties. In time, Lina went to sit with her mum, and accepted my presence, albeit begrudgingly. She really started coming into her own when we went outside. Lina loves the outdoors. A bit of a chew on cat nip, a roll on some dirt, and she was in her element. By the time we went back inside she was super relaxed, and flopped on the floor.

Cats are particularly sensitive to threats, and strangers, so it’s important to be as chilled out as possible. Being relaxed and taking my time allows me to earn their trust. That’s why before each cat photography session, I meditate. This makes an incomparable difference to the beauty of the photos and my ability to capture their personality.

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Jasper & Lina?

Jaspers big ears, whisker pads, and droopy eyes. Lina’s fluff butt, pink nose and marshmallow paws.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes yours so special? 

Lina is my shadow. Jasper is a cuddle bug and a gentle eater. They are with me all the time and I love them for who they are. They are my soul mates.

Tell us something about Linda & Jasper that will make us laugh? 

Lina snores, it’s so cute! Jasper is clumsy and loves to get into things. He is inquisitive and nosy, always looking for a cupboard to explore and has a habit of breaking things… Like heirloom crystal glassware! Jasper will come into the bed at night, put his head on the pillow, and spoon with his back up against me. I can just see the back of his ears, it’s so cute.

Being very personable Jasper will greet everyone at the door. Lina, however, is more “selective” 😉

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you?

It captures them up close, their movement and facial expressions. The images will always be there with me, capturing the features I love most about them to have forever,

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