I love live music. Whenever I see instruments in a house, I will come up with a reason why they should be played. And that day was no exception. When I heard that Jack Russell’s Jack and Sam love it when Dave plays, that was the only opening I needed. This pet photoshoot felt just like hanging out with old friends, enjoying music and song. We all sat in the garden as Jack and Sam did their thing. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the invitation to kiss and cuddle their parents without any limits. They ran around the garden chasing birds and trying covertly to trick some more treats from me. Did you know that Jack Russell’s are a sporting breed that were originally bred for hunting?

Musical themed photoshoots are nothing new to us! Check out this video of striking Moses & his music loving parents!

Firstly, what is your favourite thing about Jack & Sam?

Their special bond. As brothers, from the same litter, they are a team.
They hate to be apart (which causes problems sometimes – like the time Sam had to be rushed to the emergency vets after sneak-eating 7 Cherry Ripe’s and a Picnic) – but their joy upon being reunited is gorgeous. We have always had two dogs, but never two dogs that are related. It’s very special.

We know every fur baby is unique, & in your totally unbiased opinion you have the best pets ever!
What makes yours so special?

They have similar markings, but are not a matched pair (Jack has mad hair).
Everyone thinks they are the cutest dogs they have ever seen and it makes us so proud (like we had anything to do with how they look!)

Tell us something about Jack & Sam that will make us laugh?

They love to sing (howl). As soon as Dave plays the opening chords of “Sweet Child O Mine”, they rush to his side and start howling.

Why is having beautiful imagery of your pets important to you?

Beside each other, our pets are the centre of our lives. I had wanted to get some professional photo’s taken for ages – the RSPCA auction was the best excuse I needed to make it happen. The whole photo shoot was amazing – sharing that magical Saturday summer morning with each other, the dogs and Brenda was so special. And the photo’s we chose are the most fabulous reminder of a wonderful experience. The photo’s make my heart sing every time we look at them (which is often).


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