Do you need photography content for your business? Are your pets team members? If your pet is a loved member of your team why not use them in your branding, across your website and social media? Firstly, it makes a great conversation starter! But above all using pet photography for your business can make you more approachable, likeable and personable.

This month I revisited The Natural Circle, an olive farm owned by dear friends of mine, Alyssa and Michael. They produce the yummiest olive oil and honey you can get, and have a mix of big and small animals on their beautiful property. It’s because of this farm shoots have always been by favourite type of pet photography. Those salt of the earth peeps get me in the feels every time.

Last years photoshoot

Most importantly this shoot was fantastic and a lot of fun, above is one of my favourite pics. See how beautifully Miley the Koolie and Shadow the Border Collie posed in the Olive Grove, with sunlight streaming through the olive trees. Miley has a very high work ethic, always needing a job to do. Meanwhile Shadow never stops as her mums stalker and constant companion. This photograph was used on The Natural Circles Olive Oil bottles, and boy did it cause quite a flurry. Who wouldn’t want to look at these faces every time they grab for some yummy olive oil? And the below photograph on the quad bike was used on The Natural Circles 5L olive oil cans. I have one of these cans myself and I’m savouring every drop.  

This year’s brief

To get some lovely pet photography of their dogs, sheep and horses to update their produce labels and social media. We decided on a winter sunrise shoot to capture the changing seasons. Look at how green everything is! I was so happy with the last photos, I wondered could I capture something as beautiful this time around? I really wanted to wow them. It wasn’t only the fact that they are past clients and wonderful friends, but Alyssa is also a graphic designer and photographer herself. As much as I’m honoured to work for other photographers, it also makes me a tad nervous.

Luckily, I was able ditch my jitters and get in touch with my inspiration to capture these gorgeous moments. Although one would think after all these years photographing that I wouldn’t have any doubts, however as a creative expectations can hold you back. When I find myself in these situations, I always go back to my why. And for me the answer is simple, because I’m creating beautiful images for people who will love them. And I know I’m really good at that. Years of experience reminds me to let those doubts fade away and be in the moment.

So what about your business?

Over the years we have worked with many pet related businesses including pet food companies, vets, pet transport companies, kennels, and doggy day cares. But it’s not just animal related businesses we work with. Some of our business clients have been accountants, builders, tradesmen, graphic designers, hairdressers, lawyers, all who share a love of their pets. Many clients have given us feedback saying our photography helps them develop a quick rapport with prospective clients, making it easier to close a sale.

As you can see, having pet photography for your business can give your brand a massive leap forward. If you are interested in some information about having photos done either for yourself or for your business we’d love to chat, simply book a consult with us.