Is winter a good time for a photoshoot? There’s a certain romance about winter that you can’t deny. It’s time for rainbows, snuggling, and moody skies. For cosy fires, reading books and eating chocolate. But it’s also a time for frizzy hair, wet feet and cold hands. Eeeeek! 

Us photographers love soft light, and winter doesn’t disappoint. Having been a professional portrait photographer for more than 20 years, I’ve photographed in all sorts of weather. Is winter really a good time for a photo shoot? Most people think sunny days are better for photography and yes, sunshine is lovely for that warm light at golden hour, but at other times of the day it can be a little more challenging. It might surprise you but some of my most favourite shots have actually been taken in winter.

Pet photography in winter

Overcast Light

When it’s overcast, the light is softer, reducing the contrast. Having an overcast day is like having a giant soft box to photograph with, and any outside location, on any angle can be used. Overcast winter lighting is more flattering for skin tones, and results in less squinting. Even black pets benefit from winter light as soft lighting allows for detail in black and white areas, preventing our black pets becoming black blobs. If your pet is multicoloured, a Border Collie for example, it’s even more important. 

Check out our behind the scenes video of photoshoot on cloudy day at the beach ‘Moody Skies and Happy Faces’.

Kissing cats and running dogs in winter

Wet dog at beach, showing winter light, diffused light, pet photography, dog photography

Couples with dogs in scenic locations, soft light, winter clothing, family photos, professional pet photography Perth, dog, pine forest, Perth city backdrop

It’s not only the smell of rain that is awesome. Have you ever wondered why your grass looks greener after rain? Rain releases nitrogen into the soil, making plants greener and happier. In addition to that, if an object is wet, it reflects less light and thereby looks darker.

As long as it’s not a full on rainstorm, your photographer can keep their gear safe and dry.Bird shaking rain, water, lorikeet, dogs having fun in water, pets having fun in the rain, pet photography, professional pet photography, Perth pet photographer

Shorter Days

Take advantage of golden hour in the morning without having to wake up too early, and golden hour in the afternoon, without it creeping into our evening schedule.

Winter Clothing and Props

If you love winter, you probably love winter clothes. And if you enjoyed your snacks during isolation, winter clothes are a wonderful way to hide those extra donuts. Layering clothing can also be more flattering – a super easy way to do this is with a scarf, and they’re great for hiding those double chins. So slip into your fluffy wellies, chuck on a scarf and coat, and book your photographer. Winter really is a good time for a photoshoot.

Tip – If your hair type frizzes in the rain, pop on a beanie or a hat, and make sure to bring an umbrella. For those of us that feel awkward in front of a camera, holding an umbrella will give your hands something to do.

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Family photo with dog, overcast light, soft light, happy dog, cuddles, pet photography Perth, professional photographer Perth, kisses with dog, family photo, pet photos blue heeler

Winter Snuggles

Winter is also the best time to snuggle, with your favourite humans or pets. And this is where we can really capture some lovely moments.

Slow Winter Pace

Generally, you and your photographers’ calendar will be less busy, as will the photoshoot location. Less activity means more available backgrounds, cutting down distractions for your dog, and helping ease self-conscious jitters. So now is the perfect time to take advantage of a slower pace.


Who doesn’t love a good rainbow? Wintertime in Western Australia has a great combination of rain and sun, which means a higher probability of a rainbow. 

Not convinced that winter is a good time for a photoshoot?

For some, having a bright blue sky in their photographs is more important than anything. Follow your heart and choose a really good photographer who will know what to do. Head on over to our Facebook to see plenty of photos, locations, seasons and themes so you can see what appeals to you the most. When you find your favourite type of image, we can give you info on what time of the year it was taken. We offer free consults so we can help you design your ideal photoshoot and imagery.


Wet grass will not suit everyone. Some pets hate getting their paws wet. Other pets (mainly fluffy dogs) will soak up the moisture in their paws, and look like they are wearing shaggy ugg boots. The wet dog look can suit some personalities, so don’t totally write off a rainy day if your fluffy pal loves the water, because we always aim to get a few dry photos first too.