Taryn Giles, guru of Production

Taryn is our production guru, and has been involved and in love with photography since she was 16yrs old. What a little bright spark to know what she wanted at that tender age. Taryn loves post production as she sees a lot of value in finished pieces, and therefore the effort in making a great image even better is always rewarded.

In her spare time, Taryn bakes cake (well she says she does but we are keen to see and taste proof of this) and enjoys sewing. She is studying graphic design at Uni part time. Taryn loves riding her bike, anywhere and everywhere. Her partner is a coffee snob and she assists him in his forever hunt for the best coffee whilst satisfying her love of riding at the same time. Taryn’s favorite movie is La La Land, and she is an absolute sucker for a romance novel, of which she blames her mum.

When asked ‘Why Studio Noah’? Taryn replied, ‘Who doesn’t want to stare at cute puppies all day? Best job ever!’ Although her family has always has had pets, Taryn is incredibly excited to welcome her own little sausage dog Peggy, named after Agent Peggy Carter, the Marvel character. It was a toss up between Peggy and Zena Warrior Weiner, who at the time of writing this was only 5 weeks old. Before long, Peggy will be adorning the studio with all the mischievousness her little body can muster, which is a lot from the look of her.

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