Sarah Denholm, creative Photographer

Sarah D is an eccentric, creative soul and mother who lives, and loves photography. Sarah was inspired to take up photography because of how she reacted whenever she saw an amazing image. She loves how an image can take you into a persons life and journey, how it can be a catalyst to greater awareness and empathy for others.

Sarah said ‘An good image moves me to the point of being able to walk in the persons shoes, to know what they know, and to walk their journey with them for a moment. So much learning can take place when you really ‘see’ someone else and look into their soul. It’s really healing for the subject and also the viewer, and after that realization there was nothing but photography for me.’ Sarah went on to study photography and has now been photographing for 7 years.

Sarah is owned by Caesar, her beautiful Pit Bull, who she fondly refers to as her boofhead stalker. Sarah is also mother to her two legged angel Ari. Sarah enjoys riding her bike in the hills, crazy dancing with her daughter when no one else is watching, and spontaneous days at the beach when its raining. She LOVES the rain. Sarah also likes her nurture herself through her alone time which includes exploring the bush, sitting alone in nature and going to the movies just by herself- a rare luxury. Her favorite movie is Stranger Than Fiction.

Being a mother to her daughter Ari and her boofhead stalker Caesar has taught her many things about life. She is constantly surprised how much love she can feel, sometimes her heart feels so expansive that she thinks its going to explode. Such is unconditional love.

Why Studio Noah for Sarah? ‘Animals are the happiest little people and being with them gives me endless joy. I’m also pretty lucky to have met Brenda at an Australia Day barbecue, and we couldn’t stop gasbagging all night. That led to me working here and I couldn’t wish for a better vibe at work.’

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