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Social Responsibility

At Studio Noah, we are committed to helping the community by raising awareness on animal welfare and other focus areas. We contribute to fundraising efforts for charitable activities through donating our time and resources (including but not limited to photography) donations, and cash sponsorships. We realise to make a difference we need to focus not only on animal welfare, but also the big picture including the environment, health and attitudes.


Animal welfare organisations play a massive part in looking after the wellbeing of our furry/ feathered and scaly friends.  We promote adoption as being the perfect way to solve two lonely hearts- a pet needing a home and a human needing love. We continue to help animal shelters and rescue groups in the promotion of their pets needing home.

Over the years we have helped many, and continue to do so when we can.

Some of those include;

Swan Animal Haven, Kalamunda http://www.swananimalhaven.asn.au/

K9 Dog Refuge, Mandurah http://www.k9.asn.au

Cat Haven, Shenton Park http://www.cathaven.com.au

Shenton Park Dog Refuge, Shenton Park http://www.dogshome.org.au

Furry Critters Half way Househttp://www.furrycritterspetproducts.com


We also understand the importance of looking after the environment and the natural world. So many of our native species are under threat from deforestation, and need our help to keep off the extinction list. Please support the amazing people who give everything for the trees, and for the animals who live amongst them.

WA Forest Alliance http://waforestalliance.org

Hydraulic Fracturing is set to become a major business in Western Australia. Not only is our beautiful nature at risk, but the methods used endanger wildlife, life stock, our pets as well as our own health. Being on driest inhabited continent Earth, endangering our aquifers is somewhat illogical, especially as they are all linked.

Conservation Council Of WA  http://ccwa.org.au

No Fracking Way http://nofrackingway.org.au


Often when our health is poorly, we begin to really see what’s important in life. We form stronger bonds to family, friends, pets and the community. The support required from other community members and organisations go along way in assisting us all to be comfortable, and hopefully live a long and happy life.

MS Society  https://mswa.org.au

Breast Cancer Foundation http://www.breastcancer.org.au

Make a Wish Foundation https://www.makeawish.org.au

If you know of a good cause close to your heart that you think we could help with, please get in touch.

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