Brenda Mae, pet potty Photographer

Brenda has been photographing professionally for over 23 years. Brenda started in weddings and portrait photography and did so for 10 years before making the plunge into combining her two passions pets and photography. She lives and breathes photography, and still experiences wonder and excitement over the images that she and others capture. As a child Brenda would pretend she was taking photos, as she would always be on the look out for a great scene or face, seeing beauty in everything and everyone. This hasn’t changed, and her enthusiasm continues to inspire others to do what they love..

Brenda is owned by Bello, an almost ancient Bichon Frise, who is blind, and her shadow, and young Lottie who is a mad Spoodle. Having originally started Studio Noah in 2003 because she missed Bello while overseas, she has taken the idea to grand heights, being the first in Australia to run an exclusive pet photography business and now a wonderful industry has been realised all over Australia and the world. To assist her in connecting with her furry clients, she has studied animal communication, and meditates regularly.

Brenda said, ‘The main catalyst in starting pet photography was leaving Bello as a puppy and travelling overseas. I was missing him terribly and everywhere I looked, people were loving their pets. I realised then that perhaps I wasn’t the only pet crazy girl out there, and if that’s true, what a beautiful connection to observe and capture through photography.’

When Brenda is not photographing and running her business, she spends her time in her garden with her pups, climbing rocks, doing yoga, hiking and travelling. She has also just started playing the native American flute.

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