Bello the Bichon is the CEO and Director of Philosophy here at Studio Noah. Bello is now a grand age of 16 yrs old, and mostly retired from public life, yet he still comes into work often and checks up on things, as a true authority figure needs to do. He was the inspiration behind Studio Noah and therefore imperative to the journey. He was well missed when his mum Brenda went travelling overseas, and she missed him so much she decided to give up the weddings and portraits and went head first into pet photography. In his earlier years of being the sole furry proprietor, Bello would often sit on a clients lap and discuss the woes of the world, and help them choose photos, and this is where his interest in philosophy was born.

If you look into his cloudy eyes at any time of the day, you can see the wisdom of his years and the courage to demand what he wants, when he wants it. Which is mostly food, his mum’s lap and the occasional hot blooded entire furry male who walks down wind. These days, he can’t look back at you as he is completely blind and he now also has an excuse for his slow response time, being quite deaf.

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