About Us

Brenda Mae; founder and photographer

Brenda has been photographing professionally for over 23 years, specialising in people photography before specialising in pets. Brenda is owned by two younguns, Lottie the Spoodle, and Pepper the Cavoodle whom she affectionately refers to as her little terrorists.  Brenda is a passionate advocate of the benefits of an animal connection, not only for the unconditional love, but also for opportunity for self reflection due to the mirror they hold up to us. She believes they notice far more than we realise and have their own way of teaching us how to be a better version of ourselves.  To assist her in connecting with her furry clients, she has studied animal communication, and meditates regularly.

When Brenda is not behind a camera, she spends her time in her garden with her pups, climbing rocks, yoga-ing, hiking and travelling.

Sarah Denholm ; creative photographer

Sarah D is an eccentric, creative soul and mother who lives, and has loved photography since she was a girl, and is in her 7th year professional year. Sarah was inspired to take up photography because she loves how an image can take you into a persons life and journey, how it can be a catalyst to greater awareness and empathy for others.

Sarah is owned by Caesar, her beautiful Pit Bull, who she fondly refers to as her boofhead stalker. Sarah is also mother to her two legged angel Ari. Sarah enjoys riding her bike in the hills, crazy dancing with her daughter when no one else is watching, and spontaneous days at the beach when its raining. She LOVES the rain.

Sarah Brook; customer lovin’ manager

Sarah B is our friendly customer lovin’ studio manager. Born to organise, as it coincides with her need to be in control 24×7, she is the perfect fit for the role and we wouldn’t have her any other way! Sarah effortlessly keeps the cogs turning so our photographers and production guru can get on with the job of creating forever memories for our clients.

Sarah is proudly owned by Emmett, her loving and loyal Border Collie companion. When she’s not busy doting on him, Sarah loves a good Zumba or boxing class, although can also be seen advocating the cardio benefits of a good walk around the shops. Having previously worked at a bookstore she is also quite the bookworm.

Taryn Giles; production guru

Taryn is our production guru, and has been in love with photography since she was 16yrs old. What a little bright spark to know what she wanted at that tender age. Taryn loves post production as she sees a lot of value in finished pieces, and therefore the effort in making a great image even better is always rewarded.

In her spare time, Taryn bakes cakes and loves to sew. Taryn enjoys riding her bike, anywhere and everywhere, usually on the forever hunt for the best coffee.  Although her family has always has had pets, Taryn is incredibly excited to welcome her own little sausage dog Peggy, named after Agent Peggy Carter, the Marvel character.  Peggy joins the other pups playing chasey around the studio.