Who We Are

Tested By Animals Since 2003

Studio Noah is led by Bello the Bichon Frise, Lottie the Spoodle, and Brenda Mae, their mum and photographer.

We love pets and we love photography!

Over the last 11 years we have photographed many pets and their people. Each day we are having even more fun than the previous, and making true connections with the pets and people we meet.

While Brenda and Sarah D have the most fun with the photography while meeting all the furry and feathered creatures, Sarah B keeps everything running smoothly and Taryn is our production guru. When you come to the studio you will normally met by a large entourage of furries. Bello our resident philosopher, Lottie our little mad hatter, Emmett the Border Collie, who is in change cuddles and Miss Peggy the little sausage dog who is in charge of everything and everyone. All in all, a perfect team, well balanced with furry attitudes.

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